Robert Cohen
As I have tallied up close to 30 cars I have owned in my lifetime, I have NEVER had such an easy, enjoyable experience as I had in acquiring this latest vehicle; 2013 Subaru Outback. Firstly, this was my first Subaru, so besides the unknown brand, the whole process in finding the vehicle which you helped, to the paperwork and explanation from Amber, who has unbelievable patience and customer service skills, to financing, which Javier was clear, concise, accurate and easy to follow, over to Jason who's meticulous detailing and dedication and overall friendliness and engaging personality, made everything great! We (my wife and I), actually felt as if we were the only ones buying a car, in as much as everyone was concerned in making sure our comfort level was high and never made us feel rushed or bothered. I now, actually look forward to my next car buying experience with your team, as it was a team effort and you all followed the same rules; make the customer feel special and treated with respect!

Brenda B.
This review is for the sales department. It's been 10 years since I last purchased a car. I had a Toyota Corolla with 210,000 miles on it. Great car with no real problems except that my A/C wasn't working that great and I didn't want to put in the money to fix it because I knew I wanted to buy something new. I test drove a few cars, but my favorite was, by far, the Subaru Forester. Our salesman was David and he was really friendly, professional and informative. NO PRESSURE WHATSOEVER! We got a great deal on a 2013 model. I am really happy with the service I received. I totally love my new car! We have a new baby, so reliability and safety were a big factor on purchasing this car. I would totally recommend a Subaru to anyone and would definitely recommend Subaru of Ontario! Ask for David!

Marcia S.
This is the 2nd closest Subaru dealer by my place.. I started coming over here after visiting Singh Subaru in Riverside. Singh doesn't service the cars onsite so I left. The hours are pretty standard. This used to be a Saturn dealer before that brand was discontinued. I believe they still service Saturn cars but I'll not 100% sure. This is a Mitsubishi dealership as well. I've been here about 4-5 times and always drop off my car at opening time. I've never had to wait for a service tech to approach my car and they always have been very professional. Write up is quick, and so is pick up. I don't really shop around so I can't comment on service prices. I don't think they are too outrageous but I'm not a car geek. What I do wish was improved was the lobby's amenities. They have tables and chairs, but they need to stock some donuts/bagels in that lobby like my old Honda dealer did, lol! There is one big tv to watch and they have free coffee and tea, with some vending machines too. This dealer gets very little business it seems, compared to Honda. But thats fine with me. All of you stay away, lol! I'm not sure if there is a shuttle service but I probably live out of range anyway. After hours drop off is available as well. They will wash your car but not if its super windy.

Brandon D.
I've already made contact to the internet manager the day before. His name is Dave Carter. I already told him what I want:
1) test drive the 2011 Outback Premium
2) test drive the 2010 Forester X Limited w/ All-Weather-Package
3) trade-in appraisal (2006 Civic Coupe had an equity of $600, lol)

At 7.15pm, we arrived at the dealership, greeted by a few smoking sales rep. They then called Dave Carter who was currently busy with another customer. Instead, a lady named Lisa was assigned to us by Dave, off we go to the test drive.

At 7.45pm, the test drive was over, we picked the 2010 Forester X Limited.
7.55pm, theTrade-in appraisal, credit check, document signing etc. 8.45pm: Done!

There was no haggle pricing (no surprise here since made contact with the internet manager). Everybody was kind and accommodating, no pressure, non-intimidating attitude. Tod (Operations Manager) was also nice and made sure we know what we are getting and comfortable with it.

MSRP: $28,052
Invoice: $25,979
ePrice: $25,500
APR: 3.9%

BTW, we received a free moonroof deflector! Floormats were there, too!
We picked the Forester over the Outback because:
1. Outback had a terrible blind-spots (but not as bad as Nissan Rouge)
2. Outback had less room for cargo (we have 2 labradors and a terrier mix)
3. Price of an Outback 2.5i Premium CVT was comparable to Forester X Limited
4. Outback CVT tranny was, meh.
Dont get me wrong, the 2011 Outback looks more classy than the 2010 Forester. But the Forester was more practical as far as utility is concerned.

Jennifer A.
So we have been looking into a new car and decided to go with Subaru because their company bills its self as loving pets, the environment and homos; three topics near and dear to our hearts. After checking out their year end sales online, we found a 2011 Outback and Forrester at a great price so we scheduled a test drive. We were helped by Amber, who gave us a no pressure sales pitch and didn't treat us any differently when she realized we were a couple (trust me it still happens). The haggling over the extras sort of brought down the whole experience but I'm happy with the way things turned out. Now with a new car you wouldn't expect any issues for awhile but while driving it around town the check engine came on. We took the car back and they reset everything so we thought we were golden, until it happened again. On our second trip back they kept the car for a day to update the software and checked the sensitivity of the car alarm while providing a rental. This seems pretty standard customer service to me considering our situation but it will be interesting to see if this level of customer care is kept up during all of our future visits to this dealership.

Faye P.
We traded my SC430 (hard top convertible Lexus) for an Outback. We stopped at nearly every dealer in Ontario to test drive a variety of different makes and the guys at Subaru were BY FAR the least pushy, the most friendly, the most honest and up front... No gimmicks, not a bunch of gay little flags and balloons and flyers and sales pitches. Just legit. I think they recently upgraded their sales staff so to all of you that had a bad experience, give 'em another chance. :) We bought the car from J.P and was helped quite a bit/did the paperwork with Sam.... Both great guys. Glad to do business with 'ya!