A Message From The General Manager

January 9th, 2024

After nearly three decades immersed in the automotive industry, a singular truth has become unequivocally clear to me: individuals gravitate towards those with whom they share a sense of comfort. Over the course of my journey, I've come to prioritize relationships over mere financial transactions and measurable outcomes. In my pursuit of excellence, I have made it a priority to foster genuine connections with every potential customer we engage with and every patron we are fortunate enough to serve.​​​​​​​

In a market where Subaru dealerships offer similar vehicles at comparable prices, our distinguishing factor lies in the authenticity and sincerity of our team. A testament to our commitment, most members of our sales team boast a tenure of over seven years, contributing to the creation of an environment where authenticity thrives. The longevity of our relationships is underscored by a substantial number of repeat customers—a testament to the enduring bonds we cultivate.

When a customer chooses to return to us for their subsequent Subaru purchase, despite having numerous alternatives, it serves as a source of immense pride. We cherish the opportunity to reflect on the comprehensive experience we offer, extending beyond the initial transaction. It is this commitment to customer satisfaction that propels individuals to choose us repeatedly, with some loyal patrons having entrusted us with their automotive needs for up to five successive purchases.

The value I ascribe to such enduring relationships surpasses monetary considerations. For me, it encapsulates the essence of our success and the authenticity that defines our dealership. If you find yourself in the market for a Subaru or simply seek information about our offerings, I cordially invite you to afford us the opportunity to demonstrate the veracity of my statements.

Feel free to reach out to me personally at generalmanager@subaruofontario.com. Provide us with the chance to showcase our dedication, and rest assured, we will honor it with the utmost commitment.

Thank you for considering Subaru of Ontario.

Sincerely, Shawn Azarli